When you were growing up, your parents willingly sacrificed for you, to provide you with a better future. Now that they are older and dependent on you, DO YOU HAVE TIME TO WATCH OVER THEIR HEALTH?

TM+ Telehealth app does.

TM+ Telehealth app is a service that helps you to monitor the health of your loved ones, even when you can’t be with them.  It’s time to show how much you care. It’s time for TM+ Telehealth app.

Download our APP TM+ Telehealth  Android/iOS from Playstore/AppStore

Register as Family Manager.



Create Family member account.



Configure need parameters.

Use health target option to select the needed parameter (Blood pressure, Blood glucose, Temperature, Spo2, Body weight) to monitor



Manual upload

Upload your health data manually through Manual upload option. If you want to auto upload then please buy the medical device from us.  Click here to buy device.