What is TM+ Telehealth

TM+ is a smart assistant for Family Caregiver to remotely monitor the health of their loved ones - You should not be guessing the health of your Family, you monitor them on your mobile phone wherever you are!

There is never a mobile apps to monitor the wellness of your love ones; current mobile apps are usually use to monitor the user’s own health. However, these health conscious individuals are already taking care of their own health, it is your loved ones who may not be as health conscious, their health needed to be watched over by the Family Caregiver (we called these unsung heroes and heroines as the Family Manager)

With TM+ TeleHealth, your loved ones (up to 6 members, including the family caregiver) measure their biometric readings at their owned home, the family caregiver (Family Manager) is able to monitor these data remotely on their TM+ Telehealth mobile apps.

It comprises of a TM+ mobile apps (iOS and Android) and various wireless medical grade devices e.g. wireless blood pressure, wireless SPO2 Blood Oxygen meter, wireless Blood Glucose Meter, wireless Weight Scale and wireless Thermometer (registered with FDA, CE and HSA).

TM+ automatically notifies the Family Manager on the TM+ apps, in the event any threshold breaches.


Who We Are

myHealth Sentinel Holdings Pte Ltd (mHS) has been serving the Singapore hospitals and the public with its telehealth services for the past 10 years. The TM+ telehealth service is the most widely used telehealth service in Singapore with thousands of patients being monitored since 2011.

Covid-19 has affected the world, restricting physical movement, and affected the health of many. A tool is in need to monitor the health and wellness of our loved ones remotely while we minimize physical contact with each other.

mHS is leveraging on its 10 years of medical grade telehealth service to offer a new tool for Family Caregivers to monitor the health and wellness of the loved ones remotely.

We are proudly Singaporean